Have you Thanked your Vet?

September, 2005   by: Sherry Hackett

It was the 4th of July and I was hoping for a quiet holiday. I put some shrimp out for my cats and waited for everyone to come running. The first one in line was always Bo Cat, who just loves shrimp.  Everyone started to eat, but Bo was nowhere in sight.  That was the first sign something was wrong.  The second sign was when I found her, she didn’t run away.  So I caught and caged her. She remained all curled up, not fighting me, so she was obviously not feeling well. I knew I had to get her some help. I didn’t want to bother my regular Vet on a holiday, so off we went to the California Animal Hospital emergency clinic on Sepulveda, where they have 20 vets working around the clock who consult with each other.

When we arrived, Dr. Emi Hayashi D.V.M. saw us. She is a new graduate of Cornell University. I asked her to get some fluids into Bo because she had stopped eating and drinking. We did blood work and they checked her urine. She suggested an x-ray and I agreed.

The diagnostic work was done immediately in the lab, and when I picked Bo up they said everything seemed fine. Dr. Hayashi called me the next day to check on Bo and that night, my Vet, Dr. Bob came by the house to return another patient, Charley, from having some dental work done. He was kind enough to take a look at Bo’s x-rays. 

Dr.  Bob said that Bo was fine now, but she had been in pain and had lots of gas because a hairball had clogged up her system.  Giving her fluids had flushed it through her system. Cats can’t go without eating or drinking or they can die. So knowing it was important to get her help immediately was a good thing.  Thank heavens I did.

I spoke with Dr. Ettinger who runs the California Animal Hospital to tell him how happy I was with their service, and he was delighted. He said he always hears about the complaints and it was nice to hear something positive for a change.        

So don’t forget to thank your Vet - They most certainly deserve it!



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